The Healthy Mind Happy Heart foundation’s solution is to provide financial assistance to individuals seeking treatment for mental illness.  We also advocate for individuals and families to establish a preventive Behavioral Wellness plan.  Families or individuals who engage in this program are eligible to apply for financial assistance.  We seek to establish collaboration among diverse populations and to help families and individuals find the right professional that will guide them in the ability to indentify choices, and to make the appropriate ones when life becomes difficult during times of transition, confusion and grief.

Level 1 Symptoms Screening

These are questionnaires that clients are asked to fill out as honestly as possible to help the foundation recognize potential problems. It is also used to refer the individual with the appropriate mental health professional provider.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, the adult version of this basic screening questionnaire “measures 13 psychiatric domains, including depression, anger, mania, anxiety, somatic symptoms, suicidal ideation, psychosis, sleep problems, memory, repetitive thoughts and behaviors, dissociation, personality functioning, and substance use” over the past two weeks.